The Residential Electricians Keeping the Northern Beaches Glowing

Do you need an experienced local Northern Beaches electrician to solve your electrical problem? When your power cuts out inexplicably, you want electrical contractors who’ll respond promptly, and fix the problem right away. If you’ve got live wires poking out of a faulty power plug, you want an emergency electrician who can help you out at all hours of the day.

Windon Electrical are the trusted residential electricians of the Northern Beaches. We help keep your lamps lit, your appliances running, and your wiring up to scratch. For us, no job is too small or too big – if it’s electrical and you’d like a professional’s help with it, we’re the team for you.

Emergency residential electrical services and more.

We’re no one trick pony! We pride ourselves on the width of our services.

Northern Beaches Electrical Contractors Offering Peace of Mind

For all your electrical needs, we know that you want your contractors affordable, experienced and reliable, and that’s what our team of highly trained electrical contractors deliver on. To us, the best jobs end with a smile and a handshake, which is why we always work with customer satisfaction at the core of our service. Call us now on 0401 955 254 to discuss what we can help you with on the Northern Beaches or beyond, or shoot Liam an email on